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Munich Impressions


I have a love/hate relationship with my home town Munich. There is no doubt that, with the Alps as a back-drop, beautiful old architecture and surrounding lakes and hills this city is beautiful!  Even the upside-down-trash-can-art (see picture above) are somewhat cool in front of a classic blue Bavarian sky! And yes, it is my home town (next to Detroit), and I have learned to love and laugh here, had educational success stories and found friends for life. But Munich is also marked with sorrow and memories of hard times and loss, and each visit here also means reliving these feelings. It is only when I came to say goodbye last year, before moving to the US, that I made peace with the city and can even enjoy it. This time around I stayed a short week while enjoying the simple pleasures of being back!

I enjoyed:

Bavarian cuisine, Gaststaetten-flair, and 800 year old churches in the Bavarian Hinterland with my dad.



Long spring walks with blossoming trees and first sightings of butterflies with my step-mom.



The comforting feeling that love persists no matter how long you don’t see each other and that some things stay frozen in time.


And of course, goofing around with my brother!


Have a great end of your week!

And don’t forget …life is a journey!



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