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Flashback on our 4th of July weekend


I am back to blogging! This was an unintentional break  – however absolutely necessary. I kind of got into a rut and didn’t at all feel like posting anymore. I have given the future of this blog some thought and will change around a couple of things gradually. I will share soon.

Mike and I had the most amazing, simple and relaxing 4th of July weekend! Our friends Tara and Joe asked us if we felt like coming along with them to her parents in Owensboro to relax and enjoy some time together. It was the most fun, easy going week-end filled with relaxation, 4th of July fun, BBQ’s and friendship. Thanks guys for being such loving friends, and thanks to Tara’s parents for being the most amazing hosts! You made us feel like home!

Evans Family4thofJuly_Mike_SelinaJoe and the girlsMatt4thofJuly_fireworksAnnie_bird flamme



We enjoyed learning how to play corn hole (throwing small bags filled with corn onto a slanted plank with a hole – trying to get the bag in the hole), swam – a lot – grilled, ate, blew up some fireworks, sat around the fire pit at night. We also walked around Owensborrow and discovered the most quaint From-Farm-to-Table Shop called Nona’s for a delicious smoothie and a pit stop at Reid’s fruit orchard for apple slushies and fresh corn o our way home. How spoiled can you be!?


Thanks guys for showing us another piece of Kentucky goodness!

I must say…July – as a whole – has started off pretty amazing and I still have tones to share from June as well – so more to come very soon!

How has YOUR summer been so far!?

Happy Monday loved-ones and don’t forget:  Life is a journey!






Derby chic


Hard to believe Derby Season has gone by already! Everything builds up to this grand event every year and the two weeks before Derby are a craze of charity events, balls and parties all about town. And then, in just 2 minutes, it is all over! This was my second time experiencing Derby and Mikes’ first time. Since he is not much of a crowd lover, I went to the Oaks (the race before the final – the more local go and show race at Churchill Downs) with my friend Anna from Southern Sirens. It was so much fun to say the least and I took advantage of this opportunity to take A LOT of pictures! Derby Day itself was spent at our friends house and their Derby Party. It was a great laid back event with delicious food, back porch sunning, good conversation and bourbon! Thanks Deb for hosting it!

So here goes – Derby 2014 viewed through my lens. Enjoy!











Hope you had a great start to your week loved-ones! And don’t forget, life is a journey!



Happy Derby Day!

Happy Derby_titel

Today is THE day in Kentucky – the day has come for the most famous two minutes in sports: it’s the day of the Kentucky Derby Race!

Mike and I are invited to a Derby party  and it will be our first Derby here in Kentucky together – actually it will be our first Derby together in general! Yesterday I went to the so called Oaks with my girl Anna from Southern Sirens, and we had a ball! We meet up with our dear friend Erica and enjoyed the wagering (betting on horses), Fair food, Lillies (red yummy vodka drinks), and hat viewing!

Happy Derby 2

I will write a Derby recap post very soon, were I will share more pics of my amazing fun time! For now – just a short Hello and Happy Derby y’all!

Have a great week-end loved one!

And don’t forget life is a journey – better enjoy the ride!


Deep Sea Cincinnati Easter Celebration


My cousin Melissa, her husband Moustafa and daughter Sofia came to visit some friends in Cincinnati last week which gave the Louisville part of the family the opportunity to meet up with them for a Saturday Easter celebration! Cincinnati is only 1.5 hours away from Louisville, a distance that seems like just around the corner after living in the US for almost a year (yes…the US of A is just MASSIVE!). For being so close, I have to admit, Mike and I have not yet quite ventured through the city of Cincinnati – except for a short day visit once with my cousin John and his wife Kathy. There is definitely still a lot for us to discover when it comes to the surroundings of our new home town Louisville, and its nearby cities.

For our meet-up we chose Newport – which is still situated on the Kentucky side of the Ohio river – and is basically like a suburb to Cincinnati. Newport offers an on the river Mall with family fun, restaurants a river walk, bars and lots and lots of patio seating. Since Saturday was just a beautiful warm spring day it was the perfect choice. We met up for lunch at Brio – definitely to be recommended if you are looking for good Italian cuisine.


Cincinnati2 Cincinnati3 Cincinnati4

The treat of the day was however a visit to the Newport Aquarium! Those of you that know us well – know how much Mike and I are suckers for exotic animals! Needless to say – we had a blast! If you ever end up in Cincinnati, it is definitely worth making the trip over to Newport to visit the aquarium!



All in all we had a great family gathering – and a lovely Easter celebration!

How did you spend your Easter?

Happy hump day loved-ones – and don’t forget – life is a journey, stay in the flow 😉 !

Love, Ulm

Love, Ulm

I had the opportunity of visiting my aunt in Ulm and spend a day there. What a beautiful little city! I had no expectation what so ever, and was thrilled to discover this jewel! It has the feel of a German Venice – romantic, picturesque and was already in the mids of spring!



Ulm is a very old city and was first mentioned in manuscripts around 854! I unfortunately did not have enough time to see all it has to offer, but really fell in love with the “Fischer Viertel” (the old fish quarter) I was shown. Make sure to take a walk on the 600 year old city wall, surrounding the old town and offering great views of the river! And if you do visit the fish quarter, make sure to stop by “Zur Forelle” to have a glass of white wine and freshly caught trout.

Zur Forelle

Zur Forelle




Ulm Sonnenuntergang

I had a lovely time in Ulm, and it was such a pleasure seeing my aunt Gloria again after 2 years! Feeling thankful.

Lately it has been hard to find inspiration and I have been feeling disorientated. I guess I am still fighting jet-lag and travel-hangover. What do you do to keep your energy flowing?

Have a great start to your week loved ones!

 And don’t forget, life is a journey!


One year Blogaversary!


Of Journeys and Roots turned ONE! I started this blog one year ago to document my move to the USA and to write about my personal journeys – may they be as small as a cooking adventure or a new room design – or big, like a trip home to Europe after 10 months in the US. I am so happy this small space on the internet has given me the opportunity to share my view of the world through my photography and the written word. Thanks for staying tuned! And Happy Birthday Of Journeys and Roots!!

Life is a journey – thanks for sharing the road with me!

Vienna Lovestory

A Vienna Lovestory

The past one and a half weeks have gone by in a whirlwind of travel-craze, people-visiting and fun – and blogging time was scarce. So here goes  – catch-up!

After spending a fine week of family bliss in Germany, I headed back to Vienna for some extra friends-time. I Have an absolute love-affair with the city of Vienna! If I would have to choose my number one city to live in, I would choose Vienna for sure! This is the first city I have lived in that made me feel like home, and I associate a lot of fun times and self-development with this city. I though I would share some love-affair impressions, kind of like a photo-lovestory of Vienna!


The old majestic University of Vienna – where I had the pleasure to study.

Vienna's Opera

The Opera – Oh how I love to get cheap standing tickets on the night of the performance and breath in culture!

Stepahns Dome and Haas House

The Stephan’s Cathedral and the super modern Haas Haus are an unlikely match in heaven. I love how the Dome reflects in the monochrome windows of the Haas Haus.

Tabak Trafik Wien

Vienna public transportation is the best! Really!

During my study days, I must have spent days riding the Nr. 5 tram.


Shopping the Mariahilfer Strasse and enjoying Austrian Cuisine! I would always recommend the Steman or 10er Marie for a traditional food fix!

Stadt Park Wien

During my visit in Vienna, I was lucky to witness the budding of spring and enjoyed days warm enough to sit outside in the lawn at the Stadt Park.

Sacher Torte and Melange - the perfect Viennese Duo

Never a visit without Sacher Torte and Melange at my favorite Cafe Restaurant Palmenhaus.

Cafe Restaurant Palmenhaus

Donaukanal Wien

Strolling along the Donaukanal – yeesss, Vienna is the Father of Fun!


Finishing off my days with romantic walks with friends in the Prater was always a good idea. Vienna I have with no doubt a crush on you! Oh how I will miss you!

Have a great week-end loved ones! And don’t forget: Life is a journey!




Munich Impressions


I have a love/hate relationship with my home town Munich. There is no doubt that, with the Alps as a back-drop, beautiful old architecture and surrounding lakes and hills this city is beautiful!  Even the upside-down-trash-can-art (see picture above) are somewhat cool in front of a classic blue Bavarian sky! And yes, it is my home town (next to Detroit), and I have learned to love and laugh here, had educational success stories and found friends for life. But Munich is also marked with sorrow and memories of hard times and loss, and each visit here also means reliving these feelings. It is only when I came to say goodbye last year, before moving to the US, that I made peace with the city and can even enjoy it. This time around I stayed a short week while enjoying the simple pleasures of being back! (more…)

Surprising Grandma – a family visit in Germany


It was my grandmothers birthday – and can you believe it – she turned 89 years old! My grandmother never was your typical granny. Until this day she will be wearing bright colors, African necklaces and never be boring or conservative. She will surprise you with stories of free love in the 50s, wild artist parties in Ghana and never judge you and your life path. Needless to say, I love her! And some might say I inherited her fiery temperament. (more…)