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Happy New Year! Looking back onto 2013 – what a big year!


Dear all, Mike is back and we finally got  chance to celebrate Christmas and New Years Eve all wrapped in one! It was amazing to be able to hold him in my arms again and spend the last hour of the year of 2013 with him, since he arrived in Louisville at 11 p.m. on New Years Eve! We spend a calm and comforting evening at home, taking our us-time, dinning on a home cooked feast and enjoying the far away sound of exploding fireworks on the back porch! What a marvelous way to start the new year! I hope you all enjoyed your evening and we wish you a great start into the year of 2014!! May it be marvelous and splendid! (more…)


feeling thankful

Time is passing like a dash of light…I can’t even believe it is only two and a half weeks till Christmas! And I can’t believe we are actually in the mids of  winter with real snow!! Looking at my blog you probably think I am kind of stuck in summer – and yes that would be kind of accurate! Since temperatures have been rather mild so far, and it felt more like fall to the Central-European in me, and it was hard for me to get into the Christmas mood! I must say….I was really ready not ready for Thanksgiving – and no I am absolutely NOT ready for Christmas!

Recapitulating my  last two to three weeks makes me feel all fuzzy and warm inside and I feel very thankful for my life right now! Fall has been so gorgeous here, offering an abundance of warm sunny days with possibility to enjoy the wonderful colored trees and bushes! Harvest festivals and markets have gifted us with delicious pumpkin treats and have made the transition from our amazing summer to darker days a joyful one!


Romantic getaway: Cape Cod

cape cod 1Two weeks ago was our 2nd wedding anniversary. It’s unbelievable to me that I have been married to my best friend and the coolest man around for over two years now! No other can make me laugh like you do, keep my feet warm at night and is a better partner in crime when it comes to basically any nonsense!

We decided that such a day shall be celebrated in style and chose to stay in a lovely bed and breakfast in Yarmouth Port on Cape Cod for a romantic getaway. (more…)