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Dancing with butterflies: Maryland


I sure have quite some catching up to do on my little space, on this side of the internet. Mike and I have been traveling so much and have been out of reach of the internet for over a week, that it has been hard to keep up with my posts! So please excuse the small delay.

Since Washington Mike and I have headed further North to meet up with a friend of Mikes and his family in Maryland and had a lovely day of down time in the nearby Rocks State Park, were we went on a slow paced and easy hike and relaxed at a waterfall, before heading to the river were I danced with butterflies!! (more…)

From Nashville to Asheville – from Honky Tonks to vegan hippy Shaks


I have been out in the wild for a few days and out of reach of internet connection – so there is a lot to catch up on! We are having a great time on our trip so far! So many adventures and new impressions!

Our second stop on our trip after Nashville was Asheville in North Carolina. I had heard and red a lot of good about this cute little town packed away in the mountains – that I absolutely wanted to stop on our way past! (more…)



It is summer and we are on the road again! That’s right! We are leaving today to go visit friends and family on the East Coast and we will be traveling to some pretty cool places! Nashville, Tennessee; Asheville, North Carolina; Virginia Beach; Arlington and Alexandria, Virginia; Washington, DC; Maryland; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Cape Cod all the way up to Provincetown, Massachusetts; Niagra Falls, Canada and finally Detroit, Michigan! So stay tuned!

Have a great weekend loved ones! And don’t forget…Life is a journey!

A night at the races

Last weekend, it was my cousins wife Kathy’s special day and her friend Heather had surprised her with tickets to Downs after Dark – horse races at night  – and those tickets where for millionaires row (some of the almost most expensive seats around)! So you can imagine how excited I was when Kathy and John asked me to come along!! (more…)

Countdown is on!


It is actually D-1,7!! Yes 1,7. Can you believe it? Mike has actually boarded the plane a couple of hours ago that will take him to Amsterdam, where he will then get onto the plain that brings him to the US of A!!! It will only take another 40 hours before I will be able to pick him up here in Louisville!! I have been counting the days and now all of a sudden, D-1 has come so fast and I will no longer miss my darling husband! I am so excited – I can hardly breath!

This past week has been filled with activities that I would love to share with you as soon as I finished editing the photos. Drinks with friends and family, a Birthday turned into a Halloween celebrated at the Derby tracks, hanging with new found friends in bars and listening to live bluegrass and rock music, painting my house and furniture, cleaning, weeding the garden, getting new car tires and so much more! But right now it is late and I will call it a day! Over and out.

Life is a journey…and my husbands journey has now begun…can’t wait!!

Washington – a ladies non-tourist guide


As you may have read last week, I was in Washington for a couple days to visit my cousin Melissa and her family. What was great about the time spent, was that it was a lot of family time, and a bit of girls time out. Melissa’s daughter and husband had gone to a  one-day trial camp from saturday to sunday, leaving enough time for ladies time! And we sure enjoyed it.

Exploring Del Rey – cute historic town near the big city

girlsW1.jpgOn saturday we decided to go for a little down time and explore shops, have a coffee or two and just stroll. Melissa took me to the cutest part of town on the Virginian side of the river – to historic Del Ray. This area kind of feels like a fun and independent district of Washington, while it actually is a part of small town Alexandria, Virginia. However, its proximity and the ease it can be reached by public transportation, makes it the perfect ladies-day-on-the lose location! Since I am a sucker for vintage, we dove into the glories of the cutest vintage shop around Amalgamated. Such lovely selection of things to browse through, and what a lovely shop owner! You can tell that we were enjoying.

girlsW.2After that we went for a lovely small lunch at Cafe Del Ray. An cute cottage feel restaurant with all organic and local ingredients on the menu. I can only recommend!

girl.W.3After strolling more shops and walking the lovely area, we headed over to Cheesetique – an amazing deli with a wonderful selection of wine and cheese from all over the world. We made a nice little selection to take home and nibble on in the evening while chatting and relaxing. Sooo goood!girls.w.4

Evening activities for the not-so-trained night owl

245_10152862732500570_248706933_nSince Saturday was a child and husband free night for Melissa, we decided we should go out and see what Washington’s night life had to offer. Melissa was not sure she would meet my night-owl standards and was pretty sure she would crash early. So we decided on a calm evening out at a local Jazz joint listening to live music and having a drink. We decided to go to HR-57, a local Jazz joint and Center For the Preservation of Jazz and Blues. This low key joint is the perfect place to experience aspiring musicians and offers weekly performances of new and well-known artists.

Melissa was really enjoying the time out and definitely could take some more, so we looked up what was close by and found ourselves at Little Miss Whiskey, an eclectic bar and club just across the street! What an interesting place to be! And so much fun! Ages vary from jung hipsters to mid-40’s, music in the bar downstairs is a reminiscence of 80s to 90s underground culture, while upstair rocks danceable tunes from 80s to today! Thats the locations signature drink is called an Awesome and is a green tea vodka, and the most sought after chairs are rotating dentist chairs from the 50’s, might clarify the kind of club this is…fun!! And we were in the midst f it all! Great night out!

A short view at Washington’s heritage and croissants to die for

As I already said, the main objective of my trip to Washington was to see my family, so I didn’t really go down the beaten tracks of tourism while there. I did however want to take a look at the major heritage sites and we managed to fit that in during a bike ride on tuesday morning and a stroll to the white house on wednesday before heading back to the airport.

girls.w.5Looking at Washington by bike is a great way of seeing a lot, without having to walk the somewhat long distances between the sites! We took our bikes by metro to the Smithsonian Institute, drove around the parks of the Washington Monument and headed to the capitol for a look at the glorious monuments. Unfortunately, Murphy’s law hit us and Melissa’s bike had a flat tire, so we split. While Melissa was bravely fixing her bike, I drove to the Lincoln Memorial and the reflecting pool for a short look. I will definitely come back and take a more close up view next time when I come back with my husband Mike! What a beautiful sight!

If you spend time in Washington and are near the White house, make sure to stop by at St. Michel’s Bakery at 1420 New York Avenue NW for some authentic croissants and pain au chocolats! I have honestly not eaten such good croissants since my last trip to Paris!! The perfect buttery taste, fluffy with a thin crust….yum!!!

I had such a wonderful time in Washington DC and Arlington and Alexandria Virginia, and will definitely be back! Thanks for the lovely time guys!

Life is a journey,  enjoy yours – may it be small or big! Have a happy week loved-one!

Family time – quality time

It has been great visiting with my cousin Melissa, her husband and daughter in Arlington Virginia. This cute little town can actually be counted as a suburb of Washington DC and it is just lovely here. We have spent a lot of family time together cooking, eating, talking and laughing – which was the perfect little get-a-way for me!


Interestingly enough, my other cousin, Luise and her husband and daughter just moved from Australia to Alexandria, Virginia, which is the next suburb over from Arlington, in order to promote their wine in the US. I made it a point to get them connected and we spend some really lovely time together!


These times makes us more aware of the beauty of community, love and friendship! I had a great time guys! Thanks so much for sharing these moments with me!

Life is a journey, the beauty of it lies in sharing your path with others. Happy Thursday loved-ones!