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d-21 or The truth about following your dreams

SONY DSCIt’s official…the move to the US is so close I can’t deny it any longer…OMG THIS is really happening!

I had my last day at work this week and it seamed utterly unreal! I have been waiting for this day to come for months, thinking it would mark the beginning of finally getting excited about the move, hard-core packing and  basically having enough time on my hands to get all those ducks in a row, without having to worry about work. But you know what?…nothing of this set in! I have only 21 more days to go before departure and it still seams so unreal! Where is all the excitement I should be feeling since this has been a dream of mine for many years? Where is the energy and joy for packing and organizing I normally have before a big trip? I came to realise, the truth about following your dreams is: it’s pretty darn scary!!!! And hell yeah…I AM EXTREMELY SCARED!

It’s not that moving is new to me! I have basically moved my entire life. I lived in Munich Germany most of my childhood, but have moved around the world with my mom on a 6-month basis. We used to spend half of the year in Germany and half of the year in the States until I turned 7. We moved to Paris for a year; we even lived in Thailand for a while! And as I grew older I continued this kind of a life-style: moving to Vienna – Austria for my studies, moving to Belgium to follow my then-love for two years and starting anew back in Vienna. So no…moving is definitely NOT new to me at all. But this time it feels different!

Maybe getting older makes us more fearful…moving as a kid was pure adventure. I didn’t need to think about anything – cause Mom did all the thinking. Moving in my tweens was different, because it made me feel free as a bird. Just pack my bags and go! But it is crucially different now – I am married! My decisions have an effect on the life of my husband. Of course, it was his decision to come along – we decided to move to the States together…however, it is MY dream. Mike is just making it possible.

And what if I find out my dream was not worth it after all? What if I find out I hate living in Louisville? Or what if I love it and Mike gets homesick? How will living abroad, fighting culture shock, getting settled in a new environment effect our marriage? I know these questions will only be answered once we actually move, once we actually get there…but they do pop-up once and a while and make me wonder if this was such a good idea after all! But I guess if you don’t jump, you’ll never know if you can fly right?

And then there is all that real-life-stuff you need to think about when moving abroad. The Green Card application for Mike and all of its sometimes very annoying and scary burocratic procedures. Where will we live? How much money will we need to start off? What kind of insurances are we going to get? Do we stay registered in Europe, or not? All these questions are necessary and need to be answered, and finding answeres can be hard and demands a lot of patience. And even though I am more than sure a lot of people have moved from Austria to the States before, sometimes it seams as though we are the first ever to ask all these questions and no one is able to help! At times it can be tiering, and yes …scary!

The truth about following yours dreams is…it demands a lot of energy – energy and courage! It is way easier to dream about something, than to actually do it! So much easier to stay in a secure 9 to 5 job than actually jump into the blue, without knowing what will happen. It is easier to actually not follow yours dreams. Easier to stay in your known environment and keep dreaming. But I have decided to jump! And dear my, I hope it will be worth it!

Life truely is a journey…! Have a good one brave-ones!


Two days in Praha


For my 30th Birthday my lovely husband took me on a short trip to Prague. Two days of bliss in the capital of the Czech Republic, which is known to be called the golden city. And may I say…this city is truely one of the most beautiful cities I have ever been to!

DSC02056Its cultural density is amazing and it is really hard to sum it up in pictures!  City of a thousand faces, Prague has so much to offer! Gothic charm, Baroque awesomeness, old-european to edgy and hip urban flair all wrapped up in one and great coffe and beer! A city I would be happy to return to any time!


We actually had absolutely no time to prepare for this trip – we just got ourselves a map of the city at the train station upon arrival and headed off for Prague to find us!

I love to travel this way! It is the pure beauty of discovering and getting lost is just part of the plan.

Unfortunately it was extremely cold – which just forced us to make more coffee stops and fuel on delicious food and czech beer – Pils that is!

Here are some of the spots we really enjoyed!

*The classics*

Old town, astronomical clock, Charles Bridge, Prague Castle and St. Vitus Cathedral

The beauty of the old town really struck me. I mean I do after all live in Vienna and we do have pretty amazing architecture around here – but Prague just has such a fairy-tale vibe to it! And don’t get me started on the astronomical clock! It is the oldest still working astronomical clock  in the world and dates back to 1410! I know…I am such a geek 😉 but I love this kinda stuff!classics 3

The stones that build Charles Bridges are polished and smooth – so many people have touched them for good luck. And don’t be fooled by the tourist masses crossing it –  it is indeed a magical place! As we started walking across the sun was shining through thick heavy clowds. But once on the bridge it began to snow a thousand dancing snowflakes! I was just wowed!SONY DSC

The Prague Castle is an absolute must see! It is perched on a hill and can be challenging to get too, especially if you have a lot of walking planed in one day. I therefore recommend you take a tram up to the top of the mountain and wonder down, enjoying the sights on your way. Take tram 22 to Pohořelec and walk downhill. You will reach Hradčany square in about 10 min.


Let me put it bluntly – with 4 churches, 4 squares and 3 major halls, Pragues castle areal is huuuge! The most important sights however are the St. Vitus cathedral and the main castle entrance (we were lucky enough to see the changing of the guards – pretty awesome especially as the guards were allowed to wear aviator sunglasses – cooooolllness!) with its amazing view over the city! You can even catch a drink or bite at a terrace overlooking it!

Coming into St. Vitus on a sunny day was the most magical sight! The more than beautiful stained glass windows submerged the church in magically sparkling beams of briliant colors! Totally stunning!the classics

Make sure to wander down these whimsical little steps back down to down town!

*Food and beer*

We discovered that Czech traditional food is quite similar to austrian traditional food – meaning heavy and hearty! Not exactely dietary and definitely not vegetarian, but delicious!DSC02064

Eventhough we had not checked out good places to eat before – we stumble across a real gem of traditional food! U Dvor Kocek (menaing The Two Cats), an old beer parlor that exists since 1684 and has great home brewed beer and well priced good food. Highly recommendable!DSC02060

*The edgy*

The area around the TV-tower, in Praha 3 used to be a bit dodgy and mainly inhabited by immigrants. It still is mostly a foreigners neighborhood, but has been taken over by the rockabily, punk and vintage scene bit by bit!We were lucky enough to hang with some locals – I had my ink re-done by my praguer Tatoo-artist Studio Panter, and they were kind enough to take us out for some beers and Slivovice (czech liquor that is!). They showed us some great pubs and places to hit up (like U Marianskeho Obrazu) for some good beer and czech cheese with oil, pepper and bread! Yummm! This area has great vintage shopping and fun bars. Great for a night out!edgyprague

All in all we had an absolute blast in Prague! Have you ever been to Prague? I would love to hear about your experiences and travel tips!

Life is a journey folks, enjoy your travels!

Burlesque it is!

Something you should know about me is that I am an absolute vintage kinda girl! Anything old with patina and I am sure to love it. That’s why my love affaire with burlesque surely does not come as a surprise!

first burlesque

Here in Vienna, I have the honour of being a more-or-less-regular of the one and only vintage burlesque crew Cirque Rouge. Stumbling across burlesque was more of an accident than an intended hobby. A friend of mine from university called me up one evening and asked me if I felt like being the nights cigaret girl at her second burlesque event in Vienna.

I jumped on the opportunity and have since then developed a love for diving into a whole new world, just for the night! An opportunity to be someone else, change your name, explore your sensuality and be purely feminine.

I have since then deepened my passion for vintage hair stiles, have perfected my make-up skills and collected a variety of vintage costumes.

 PicMonkey Collage

I have also moved from being a cigaret girl, to announcing the next act as  stage kitten Shirley Sweetheart to hosting the night as conferenciére Zaya Sutton. Pure bliss to dive into different characters and live a different life – just for the night!

If you feel like experiencing a new kinda of night-life, or have always been a fan of burlesque and happen to be in Vienna, an evening with Cirque Rouge is just the thing! Like them on facebook and make sure to get updated on the next event that will take place 11th of May 2013. Unfortunately for me, my last event was this month. New adventures are now to come!

Maybe shake up Louisvilles burlesque scene? Stay posted!vintage

Life is a journey – you better enjoy the ride guys!