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Beginning my blogging journey…


Selina in Prague_portraitWelcome to …of Journeys & Roots my personal blog on travels, small and big adventures, life journeys and creating an eclectic life.

I am Selina a German-American, born in Germany and raised in-between. Life has taken me on many journeys, from Munich, Germany to Detroit Michigan, from Paris, France to Bangkok, Thailand, collecting languages and cultural influences on my way. My roots are Sctottish-Polish-Swiss; a weird mixture. Add a bit of hard-working polish blood to the Morrison clan on the quest of the American dream and pair it with Swiss arisocratic blood and out comes an absolute sucker for travels, cultures and an eclectic life!

Life has led me to live in Austria for the past 8 years. I live here with my lovely husand in one of the most beautiful cities in the world: Vienna! Honestly, I absolutely love this city!

Despite the fact that I feel truely blessed to live here, I have gotten homesick. After more than 20 years in Europe, we are moving to the States… this month! And imagine…of all places, we will be moving to Louisville Kentucky! Bourbon and Derby here I come! Talk about a culture clash…from Coffeehouses and Mozart to Bluegrass and Country!

This blog shall accompany me on my big adventure and the quest of my american roots. I will be happy to meet you along the way as well! Please leave a comment – I am curious to meet you!

Life is a journey, come along with me!