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Goodbye May – and Hello June!

goodbyeMay_HelloJune_titelIt has been a while – I know. I guess I needed a break. Things have been like a whirlwind – and then again all has been so slow. Starting a new life – doing the life search – living in a new country is not always easy – and sometimes life throws a lot at us at once. I have realized that following ones heart can be tiring – and I guess that is why most people don’t dare to find their true self. It is scary and can sometimes take us down a road of doubts. But re-evaluating, feeling the true meaning of ones purpose in life, while it is a challenge, it is also a gift. And I would never want to go back to a life without that search!

While my inner self has somewhat been thorn I have also experienced a great deal of adventures and beauty that have made me feel thankful for this journey we are on.

Visits from good friends.

Melissa in Louisville

Walter in Louisville

Walks in nature at Red River Gorge.









Discovering new things in my new hometown.

Old Louisville Beautiful Mansion


At the Garage Bar in Louisville East Market

Belle of Louisville

Old Louisville Mansion

Old School cyclist in Old Louisville

A drink at the Slver Dollar

Louisville Riverview by Night

A visits to the junkyards to find parts for our damaged car turned into a display of transience of material things.


old beatle


The pleasures of old school hands in dirt gardening and its first cherished fruits.



IMG_20140601_144629 IMG_20140604_114036

Help and support from friends when well needed. Thank you. We feel loved.




June – you have started rough – but oh so beautifully! Let the summer begin!

Hope you had a great start to your first summer month – what have you been up to loved-ones?


Big hug from yours truly – and never forget, life is a journey!


Weekend Shananigans


It has been busy. And overwhelming. But thank God for good friends that teach you how to make bread, lend a helping hand when in need, good food, homemade beer and sunny warm May days spent out on the porch!

What happened:

Mike was on his way out to the countryside Friday night and a deer ran in front of his car from out of nowhere which totally smashed our car. The deer was not doing to well either.

car wreck

Luckily, nothing happened to Mike. He just had the pleasure of getting the car towed back home to Louisville and a rather unpleasant call with the insurance company – that is not going to pay a thing! Thankful for my cousin John who was there to help, drive Mike around and even go with him to junk yards on Sunday to take measurements essential for rebuilding our car.

Weekend Shananigans

What made it all better:

Our friends all came over on Sunday to hang out, lend a helping hand, show me how to bake bread and gift me of a bunch of bakers utensils!! We laughed, listened to bluegrass music, enjoyed the sun, ate and drunk homemade beer. It was the best Sunday one could of ask for after those events! Beloved friends – you are awesome!




weekend Shananigans4




And may I say – we have the best friends EVER! One took off work and the other sacrificed his day off on Monday to help Mike drive to junk yards, pick up parts and help restore our car back – not to its old beauty  but to functionality 😉 ! And yes – we did drive over the bent hood with the lawn mower to straighten it out! That’s just how we roll here in Kentucky!


Hope you all had a great start into your week! Keep smiling and don’t forget –  life is a journey even if sometimes a very bumpy one! Enjoy the ride!



Changes and new Beginings


Life is full of changes – constantly, and always. Of course as Mike and I decided to go on this journey together and moved to the US, we did know it would bring a lot of changes with it. But never could we have imagined how much it would change us. On April 27th I have officially lived in the USA for exactly a year! Since our first idea of moving to Kentucky and the moment we actually moved, things have sure changed! We have changed. I have changed. The interesting part about it is however, that one cannot foresee the kind of direction your path will lead you on. And I have sure learned a lot of things about me I would have never thought of!

I have discoved my love for a more calm and centered lifestyle. I have discovered my passion for country life and have found my talent for making things from scratch in the kitchen! As I started this journey towards myself, I would have never expected to find an urban farmer, a chicken lover, a apple butter microprocessor, a veggie gardener, a passionate homemaker within me! When I left my job and city-girl-lifestyle behind me in Vienna Austria, little did I know what I would find! I knew the life I was leading was not true to me. I knew I was searching and I knew I had not found it yet, but never ever would I have expected what I found within this year! I am grateful for the opportunity I had and still have to actually go on this journey. To pack up my old life and discover what parts of my soul would unravel in a different setting. And I love it!

To add to these changes more gradual changes, Mike and I have taken further steps to change our life! We have become business owners! I no longer work at the consignment shop I told you about, but am working from home now, helping Mike build an exotic animal import business! Yes!!! I know – who would have thought! And while the business in itself is quite unusual, those of you who know Mike are not surprised!

We opened an LLC by the end of last year, and handed in all the paper work to get started. The first 3 months were kind of researching the market, getting all import papers figured out, applying for all the permits and building a professional website and brand. As for me, since I came back from my Euro-trip in March, I am working from home, helping Mike build the business. Very new life style to get used to! Working from home has  great perks, however, I am still getting used to creating my own schedule, finding out which steps to take and how to work out a business structure for myself. It is sometimes a battle, finding myself in it, finding my own speed, work-style and organization, but I am getting there! We are getting there!

I am therefore happy to present to you True Arts Reptiles LLC!!! We officially launched our website, so make sure to go over to http://www.trueartsreptiles.com and take a look. We put a lot of effort and work into the site! Let us know what you think! Aaand…you can find us on Facebook under http://www.facebook.com/trueartsreptiles – make sure to like us there as well!


Truearts Reptiles_presentation

So as you can see – not only has our new life in Kentucky changed our lifestyle – it has also changed us and the way we choose to life our lives.

I sure must say: Life is a Journey! Have a great day loved-ones!

Christmas moments

christmas0This year Mike and I had to celebrate Christmas apart from eachother. Mike flew to Austria to be ableto spend time with his family and celebrate his mothers birthday! Eventhiough it was sad that Mike was not here, I had a lovely Christmas with my family that came from Washington DC and the ones that live in Louisville. I am happy to have the comfort of a family here in Louisville, because no matter how exciting the experience of moving to the US has been, I do get lonely and homesick once and a while. Especially around the holidays. (more…)