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What the chick!


Since entering the intruiging world of being a chicken owner, I have learned A LOT!

I have learned about bedding, dust-bathing, food, scraps to feed and not feed. I have learned how to hold them and clean out their coop. Unfortunately we have also learned how to deal with a chicken with respiratory infection, as well as dealing with parasites! Yes parasites – ugh! My chickens had MITES!

Now this is an adventure I would like to share with you, cause it is to some extend humorous! (more…)

Meet the girls!

meet the girls

Most of you probably already know – at least since this post –  that Mike and I have added 5 fancy chickens – so called Silkies to the Brandauer clan! They have been part of the family for four months now and they bring joy and laughter to our days. I though it was time to introduce you formally! (more…)

Winter blues? No thanks.

Wnter blues? No thanks!

Finally the days are filling up with rays of sun again!! I don’t know about you guys, but towards the end of winter – or more like the second half of it – I start to get kind of exhausted of the lack of sun. I feel tiered, getting out of bed is a real drag and I basically feel like staying between the warm sheets for EVER! I truly believe the human species should go back to taking a winter sleep (did we ever do this back in time?)! I am just way less productive and seam to drift into a wintery blues kind of state. (more…)

Sunbeams and Snow – our first Kentucky Winter


Winter weather in Louisville can be fickle! You just never know what you might get. One day it might be up to 20C in mid December, the next day it drop to -2C and the streets will be icy and it starts to snow – you just never know! It also seams like people in Kentucky are not very equipped for winter, or maybe they just try to ignore it every year in hope it will never return! (Understandable!)  No one has winter tires, most houses are not insulated for winter and people are scared of driving in an inch of snow – let alone icy road conditions. Some days it has taken us up to over an hour to get to and from work, we have seen a lot of accidents on the road, and have scraped ice off from the INSIDE of our kitchen door. Winter in Kentucky is an adventure! But ever so beautiful! (more…)

Happy New Year! Looking back onto 2013 – what a big year!


Dear all, Mike is back and we finally got  chance to celebrate Christmas and New Years Eve all wrapped in one! It was amazing to be able to hold him in my arms again and spend the last hour of the year of 2013 with him, since he arrived in Louisville at 11 p.m. on New Years Eve! We spend a calm and comforting evening at home, taking our us-time, dinning on a home cooked feast and enjoying the far away sound of exploding fireworks on the back porch! What a marvelous way to start the new year! I hope you all enjoyed your evening and we wish you a great start into the year of 2014!! May it be marvelous and splendid! (more…)

Christmas moments

christmas0This year Mike and I had to celebrate Christmas apart from eachother. Mike flew to Austria to be ableto spend time with his family and celebrate his mothers birthday! Eventhiough it was sad that Mike was not here, I had a lovely Christmas with my family that came from Washington DC and the ones that live in Louisville. I am happy to have the comfort of a family here in Louisville, because no matter how exciting the experience of moving to the US has been, I do get lonely and homesick once and a while. Especially around the holidays. (more…)

Holiday Season: Lately

holidayseason4The first real snow in Louisville has reminded me that we are only DAYS away from Christmas and I have finally gotten into the mood! It did take me a while and I felt like I was somewhat stuck in summer for a while, but the gorgeous fall colors and the blissfulness of a fresh coat of glistening white snow finally got the best of me! It’s the season!! (more…)