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Two days in Praha


For my 30th Birthday my lovely husband took me on a short trip to Prague. Two days of bliss in the capital of the Czech Republic, which is known to be called the golden city. And may I say…this city is truely one of the most beautiful cities I have ever been to!

DSC02056Its cultural density is amazing and it is really hard to sum it up in pictures!  City of a thousand faces, Prague has so much to offer! Gothic charm, Baroque awesomeness, old-european to edgy and hip urban flair all wrapped up in one and great coffe and beer! A city I would be happy to return to any time!


We actually had absolutely no time to prepare for this trip – we just got ourselves a map of the city at the train station upon arrival and headed off for Prague to find us!

I love to travel this way! It is the pure beauty of discovering and getting lost is just part of the plan.

Unfortunately it was extremely cold – which just forced us to make more coffee stops and fuel on delicious food and czech beer – Pils that is!

Here are some of the spots we really enjoyed!

*The classics*

Old town, astronomical clock, Charles Bridge, Prague Castle and St. Vitus Cathedral

The beauty of the old town really struck me. I mean I do after all live in Vienna and we do have pretty amazing architecture around here – but Prague just has such a fairy-tale vibe to it! And don’t get me started on the astronomical clock! It is the oldest still working astronomical clock  in the world and dates back to 1410! I know…I am such a geek 😉 but I love this kinda stuff!classics 3

The stones that build Charles Bridges are polished and smooth – so many people have touched them for good luck. And don’t be fooled by the tourist masses crossing it –  it is indeed a magical place! As we started walking across the sun was shining through thick heavy clowds. But once on the bridge it began to snow a thousand dancing snowflakes! I was just wowed!SONY DSC

The Prague Castle is an absolute must see! It is perched on a hill and can be challenging to get too, especially if you have a lot of walking planed in one day. I therefore recommend you take a tram up to the top of the mountain and wonder down, enjoying the sights on your way. Take tram 22 to Pohořelec and walk downhill. You will reach Hradčany square in about 10 min.


Let me put it bluntly – with 4 churches, 4 squares and 3 major halls, Pragues castle areal is huuuge! The most important sights however are the St. Vitus cathedral and the main castle entrance (we were lucky enough to see the changing of the guards – pretty awesome especially as the guards were allowed to wear aviator sunglasses – cooooolllness!) with its amazing view over the city! You can even catch a drink or bite at a terrace overlooking it!

Coming into St. Vitus on a sunny day was the most magical sight! The more than beautiful stained glass windows submerged the church in magically sparkling beams of briliant colors! Totally stunning!the classics

Make sure to wander down these whimsical little steps back down to down town!

*Food and beer*

We discovered that Czech traditional food is quite similar to austrian traditional food – meaning heavy and hearty! Not exactely dietary and definitely not vegetarian, but delicious!DSC02064

Eventhough we had not checked out good places to eat before – we stumble across a real gem of traditional food! U Dvor Kocek (menaing The Two Cats), an old beer parlor that exists since 1684 and has great home brewed beer and well priced good food. Highly recommendable!DSC02060

*The edgy*

The area around the TV-tower, in Praha 3 used to be a bit dodgy and mainly inhabited by immigrants. It still is mostly a foreigners neighborhood, but has been taken over by the rockabily, punk and vintage scene bit by bit!We were lucky enough to hang with some locals – I had my ink re-done by my praguer Tatoo-artist Studio Panter, and they were kind enough to take us out for some beers and Slivovice (czech liquor that is!). They showed us some great pubs and places to hit up (like U Marianskeho Obrazu) for some good beer and czech cheese with oil, pepper and bread! Yummm! This area has great vintage shopping and fun bars. Great for a night out!edgyprague

All in all we had an absolute blast in Prague! Have you ever been to Prague? I would love to hear about your experiences and travel tips!

Life is a journey folks, enjoy your travels!